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Mark Corroto – All About Jazz – Best of 2018

  • Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream

Doug Collette – All About Jazz – Best of 2018

  • Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream
  • Jamie Saft – Solo A Genova

Doug Collette – Glide Magazine – Best of jazz 2018

Jamie Saft – Solo A Genova. “Renaissance man Saft’s comparatively simple solo playing here is as refreshing as it is engrossing.”

Sasha Frere Jones included Blue Dream in his Music I Enjoyed in Two Thousand Eighteen List.


UK Vibe – Best of 2018

“Music this good doesn’t come along all that often. But when it does, it can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding pleasures in life. “Blue Dream” is a truly remarkable album from a group of musicians at the peak of their creative powers.” -Mike Gates


Kevin Legendre – Jazz Wise (Print only)

  • Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream


Best Jazz Albums of 2018 –

  • Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream


Best Live Jazz Albums of 2018 – JazzPress Poland

  • Jamie Saft – Solo A Genova


Best Albums of 2018 –Ümit Baykara – Cazkolik

  • Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream


Best of 2018 – Pagina Dois, por Cassiano Rodka

  • Jamie Saft – Solo a Genova

“You Don’t Know the Life” by Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte – January 25, 2019



Ny Saft-smak

Den amerikanske tangentvirtuosen Jamie Saft dukker opp i stadig nye versjoner og nesten alle er like spennende.  by Tor Hammerø, October 19, 2018

Jamie Saft er med sin allsidighet og sitt tydelige uttrykk, uansett hvor han møter opp, en av de viktige pianostemmene anno 2018.

Trns:  Jamie Saft, with his versatility and distinctive expression, no matter where he meets, is one of the important piano voices in 2018.

“Blue Dream” named jazz album of the month by Echoes Magazine.

Echoes also placed Blue Dream at the top its UK Jazz Chart, too. Kevin Le Gendre writes:

“It’s too early to tell whether Blue Dream is something of a career-defining moment for Saft, but it will be worth dialing back on this work in a couple of years such is the depth of feeling reached by a band that is right at the top of its game.”

Italian Music publication Kathodik gives “Blue Dream” 9/10 stars

“Al di sopra delle mode.”