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Date Artist Album Label
2019 Jamie Saft, Dave Liebman, Brad Jones, Hamid Drake HIDDEN CORNERS RareNoise
2019 Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Balazs Pandi CEREMONIAL HEALING (RECORD STORE DAY 2019) RareNoise
2019 Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte YOU DON’T KNOW THE LIFE RareNoise
2018 Joe Morris and Jamie Saft CYRUS Glacial Erratic
2018 The Jamie Saft Quartet  Blue Dream RareNoise
2018 Jamie Saft  Solo A Genova RareNoise
2017 with Bill Brovold Serenity Knolls RareNoise
2017 with Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte, and Iggy Pop Loneliness Road RareNoise
2016 with Roswell Rudd, Trevor Dunn, and Balázs Pándi Strength & Power RareNoise
2016 With Slobber Pup Pole Axe RareNoise
2016 New Zion Trio with Cyro Sunshine Seas RareNoise
2015 Jerry Granelli & Jamie Saft NOWNESS Veal Records
2015 With The Dreamers Pellucidar: A Dreamers Fantabula Tzadik
2015 with Joe McPhee, Joe Morris, and Charles Downs Ticonderoga Clean Feed
2015 Joe McPhee, Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles Downs TICONDEROGA Clean Feed
2014 with Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte The New Standard RareNoise
2014 with Wadada Leo Smith, Joe Morris, and Balázs Pándi Red Hill RareNoise
2013 New Raspberry Bandits Little Birds & Big Trucks Veal Records
2013 Jamie Saft Box of Dub Veal Records
2013 New Zion Trio Chaliwa Veal
2013 With Slobber Pup Black Aces RareNoise
2012 OV Live in Space & Time Veal Records
2011 Kalashnikov Bang Bang Veal Records
2011 New Zion Trio Fight Against Babylon Veal
2011 Jamie Saft Borscht Belt Studies Tzadik
2011 With The Dreamers A Dreamers Christmas Tzadik
2010 With The Dreamers Ipos: Book of Angels Volume 14 Tzadik
2010 With Ben Goldberg Baal: Book of Angels Volume 15 Tzadik
2010 Jamie Saft A Bag of Shells Tzadik
2009 Beta Popes Live Hate Veal Records
2009 Beta Popes White Hate Veal Records
2009 Jamie Saft Black Shabbis Tzadik
2009 Jamie Saft O’o Tzadik
2008 Whoopie Pie Sweet Veal Records
2008 With The Dreamers The Dreamers Tzadik
2007 Swami LatePlate DOOM JAZZ Veal Records
2007 With Moonchild Six Litanies for Heliogabalus Tzadik
2006 Jamie Saft Trouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan Tzadik
2006 With Bobby Previte The Coalition of the Willing Ropeadope
2006 with Merzbow Merzdub Caminante
2005 Composed by John Zorn Astaroth: Book of Angels Volume 1 Tzadik
2005 With John Zorn Filmworks XVI: Workingman’s Death Tzadik
2005 With Electric Masada Electric Masada: At the Mountains of Madness Tzadik
2005 With Cyro Baptista Love the Donkey Tzadik
2005 With Dave Douglas Keystone Greenleaf
2005 Film score/compilation featuring various artists Music from the Film Murderball Commotion
2004 With Wadada Leo Smith Lake Biwa Tzadik
2004 With Electric Masada 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 4 Tzadik
2003 With John Zorn Voices in the Wilderness Tzadik
2003 With John Zorn The Unknown Masada Tzadik
2003 With Dave Douglas Freak In RCA
2002 Jamie Saft Breadcrumb Sins Tzadik
2002 With John Zorn Filmworks XI: Secret Lives Tzadik
2002 With John Zorn IAO Tzadik
2002 With John Zorn Filmworks XII: Three Documentaries Tzadik
2002 With John Zorn Cobra: John Zorn’s Game Pieces Volume 2 Tzadik
2002 With Cyro Baptista Beat the Donkey Tzadik
2002 with Jerry Granelli The Only Juan Love Slave
2002 Pramrod Sexena GODSSPECIALPEOPLE Frank Booth Industries/ Jumbo Recordings
2001 With John Zorn Filmworks X: In the Mirror of Maya Deren Tzadik
2001 With John Zorn The Gift Tzadik
2000 Jamie Saft Sovlanut Tzadik
2000 With John Zorn Filmworks IX: Trembling Before Gd Tzadik
1999 With John Zorn Taboo & Exile Tzadik
1997 with Cuong Vu Ragged Jack Avant
1996 With Bobby Previte Too Close to the Pole Enja