Discography: the music of Jamie Saft, solo, and also together with many friends and masters.

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2020Jamie SaftJamie Saft Plays Mr. DorgonVeal
2020King KrangusBox of DubVeal
2020Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Bradley Jones, Charles DownsAtlasVeal
2020Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles DownsMountainsVeal
2020Jamie SaftThe Golden Scale • Live at The Piano Performance MuseumVeal
2019Jamie Saft, Dave Liebman, Brad Jones, Hamid DrakeHidden CornersRareNoise
2019Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Balazs PandiCeremonial Healing RSD2019 RareNoise
2019Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby PreviteYou Don’t Know the Life RareNoise
2018Joe Morris and Jamie SaftCyrus Glacial Erratic
2018The Jamie Saft Quartet Blue DreamRareNoise
2018Jamie Saft Solo A GenovaRareNoise
2017with Bill BrovoldSerenity KnollsRareNoise
2017with Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte, and Iggy PopLoneliness RoadRareNoise
2016with Roswell Rudd, Trevor Dunn, and Balázs PándiStrength & PowerRareNoise
2016With Slobber PupPole AxeRareNoise
2016New Zion Trio with CyroSunshine SeasRareNoise
2015Jerry Granelli & Jamie SaftNOWNESSVeal Records
2015With The DreamersPellucidar: A Dreamers FantabulaTzadik
2015with Joe McPhee, Joe Morris, and Charles DownsTiconderogaClean Feed
2015Joe McPhee, Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles DownsTICONDEROGAClean Feed
2014with Steve Swallow and Bobby PreviteThe New StandardRareNoise
2014with Wadada Leo Smith, Joe Morris, and Balázs PándiRed HillRareNoise
2013New Raspberry BanditsLittle Birds & Big TrucksVeal Records
2013Jamie SaftBox of DubVeal Records
2013New Zion TrioChaliwaVeal
2013With Slobber PupBlack AcesRareNoise
2012OVLive in Space & TimeVeal Records
2011KalashnikovBang BangVeal Records
2011New Zion TrioFight Against BabylonVeal
2011Jamie SaftBorscht Belt StudiesTzadik
2011With The DreamersA Dreamers ChristmasTzadik
2010With The DreamersIpos: Book of Angels Volume 14Tzadik
2010With Ben GoldbergBaal: Book of Angels Volume 15Tzadik
2010Jamie SaftA Bag of ShellsTzadik
2009Beta PopesLive HateVeal Records
2009Beta PopesWhite HateVeal Records
2009Jamie SaftBlack ShabbisTzadik
2009Jamie SaftO’oTzadik
2008Whoopie PieSweetVeal Records
2008With The DreamersThe DreamersTzadik
2007Swami LatePlateDOOM JAZZVeal Records
2007With MoonchildSix Litanies for HeliogabalusTzadik
2006Jamie SaftTrouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob DylanTzadik
2006With Bobby PreviteThe Coalition of the WillingRopeadope
2006with MerzbowMerzdubCaminante
2005Composed by John ZornAstaroth: Book of Angels Volume 1Tzadik
2005With John ZornFilmworks XVI: Workingman’s DeathTzadik
2005With Electric MasadaElectric Masada: At the Mountains of MadnessTzadik
2005With Cyro BaptistaLove the DonkeyTzadik
2005With Dave DouglasKeystoneGreenleaf
2005Film score/compilation featuring various artistsMusic from the Film MurderballCommotion
2004With Wadada Leo SmithLake BiwaTzadik
2004With Electric Masada50th Birthday Celebration Volume 4Tzadik
2003With John ZornVoices in the WildernessTzadik
2003With John ZornThe Unknown MasadaTzadik
2003With Dave DouglasFreak InRCA
2002Jamie SaftBreadcrumb SinsTzadik
2002With John ZornFilmworks XI: Secret LivesTzadik
2002With John ZornIAOTzadik
2002With John ZornFilmworks XII: Three DocumentariesTzadik
2002With John ZornCobra: John Zorn’s Game Pieces Volume 2Tzadik
2002With Cyro BaptistaBeat the DonkeyTzadik
2002with Jerry GranelliThe Only JuanLove Slave
2002Pramrod SexenaGODSSPECIALPEOPLEFrank Booth Industries/ Jumbo Recordings
2001With John ZornFilmworks X: In the Mirror of Maya DerenTzadik
2001With John ZornThe GiftTzadik
2000Jamie SaftSovlanutTzadik
2000With John ZornFilmworks IX: Trembling Before GdTzadik
1999With John ZornTaboo & ExileTzadik
1997with Cuong VuRagged JackAvant
1996With Bobby PreviteToo Close to the PoleEnja