“…and then there’s another song that was really the crucial harmonic basis for New Zion Trio….”

– Jamie Saft interview at Burning Ambulance

Jamie Saft Official channel launch on YouTube

Subscribe to Jamie Saft’s new YouTube channel for live performance content.  Today the channel launches with a solo jam on organ of Timmy Thomas’s “Why Can’t We Live Together.”

Tune in tomorrow for a premiere.  9am GMT | 5am US ET


Tickets and info for Jamie Saft’s upcoming shows are in the event links below.

Jamie Saft’s SPHERES series continues with another great cast of improvisers

Jamie Saft (Zorn, Bad Brains, Iggy Pop, Beastie Boys) – keys
Chuck Hammer (David Bowie, Lou Reed) – guitar
Brad Jones (Marc Ribot, Ornette Coleman) – bass
Dan Rieser (Norah Jones, Marcy Playground) – drums

Tuesday, October 15 @ Nublu
151 Avenue C

Häxan, Witchcraft through the Ages (1922), directed by Benjamin Christensen, with an original live score by Jamie Saft

Friday, October 18 @ Story Screen
445 Main St Beacon NY

“Referred to in English as The Witches or Witchcraft Through the Ages, Häxan is a Swedish-Danish film, a curious and groundbreaking mix of documentary and silent horror cinema, written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. Whereas most films of the period were literary adaptations, Christensen’s take was unique, basing his film upon non-fiction works, mainly the Malleus Maleficarum, a 15th-century treatise on witchcraft he found in a Berlin bookshop, as well as a number of other manuals, illustrations and treatises on witches and witch-hunting…
…Reportedly the most expensive film of the Swedish silent film era, Häxan was actually banned in the United States, and heavily censored in other countries.”-excerpted from Public Domain Review

Jamie Saft’s New Zion Trio

Saturday, November 9 @ Quinn’s
330 Main St Beacon NY

Saft on vintage keys and electronics is joined by Brad Jones on bass and drummer Oscar Debe (Majek Fashek).

Jamie Saft’s New Zion Trio plays the Sons d’Hiver Festival, with Bill Laswell’s Method of Defiance, at Salle Jacques Brel, on February 1, 2020.  Dates in Vienna, Kufstein, and more to follow.

Jamie Saft is deeply honored to be mentioned in The New Yorker’s extensive profile of the maestro Iggy Pop.

Read: The Survival of Iggy Pop (The New Yorker, September 2019)

Iggy Pop on Singing Jazz, Turning 70 (Rolling Stone – April 2017)
Rock vet talks adapting to the “quietude” of new piano-trio LP ‘Loneliness Road,’ crooning in French and how he’s keeping busy



Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte (with Iggy Pop)

Loneliness Road

  1. Ten Nights
  2. Little Harbor
  3. Bookmaking
  4. Don’t Lose Yourself (with Iggy Pop)
  5. Henbane
  6. Pinkus
  7. The Barrier
  8. Nainsook
  9. Loneliness Road (with Iggy Pop)
  10. Unclouded Moon
  11. Gates
  12. Everyday (with Iggy Pop)

 RareNoiseRecords, May 26, 2017


Thank you

 Brian Morton interviews Jamie Saft for Jazz Journal UK

“I’ve always thought of all music as one thing. There are honestly no boundaries to what music can or should be…”

Read the full article here.

Hidden Corners – Jamie Saft Quartet
Jamie Saft, Dave Liebman, Bradley Jones, Hamid Drake

Hidden Corners is out June 28 on RareNoise Records.  Pre-order the album here.