New Release News: Jamie Saft Plays Cage & Granelli

Jamie Saft Plays John Cage & Jerry Granelli (Veal 0018), released April 20, 2022

Jamie Saft Plays Cage and Granelli

Jamie Saft- piano | Listen

  1. Zion Raven Protector- Jerry Granelli
  2. Camellia Street- Jerry Granelli
  3. Ida- Jerry Granelli
  4. Now We Begin- Jerry Granelli
  5. Music Doesn’t Care- Jerry Granelli
  6. Jacquelina- Jerry Granelli
  7. Donny- Jerry Granelli
  8. The Phenomenal World- Jerry Granelli
  9. In a Landscape- John Cage
  10. Quest- John Cage
  11. A Room- John Cage
  12. Dream- John Cage
  13. Memories of Granelli Clouds- Jamie Saft

Tracks 1-8 & 13 recorded by Jamie Saft in Midcoast Maine
Tracks 9-12 recorded by Greg DiCrosta at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Castagno in Minca, Colombia
Produced by Jamie Saft and Christian Castagno
Art & Design by Steve Erdman/ Erdman Designs
Layout by Graham Schreiner
Cover Painting “Zion Raven Protector” by Jerry Granelli
Back Cover Painting “Music Doesn’t Care” by Jerry Granelli

Midcoast Maine Steinway tuned and prepared by Michael Lynam, R.P.T.
Firehouse 12 Steinway tuned and prepared by Robert Crowson, R.P.T. & Timothy Robinson

Special Thanks to Nick Lloyd, Ashley Redbone, J. Anthony Granelli and the Granelli family, Autumn Seguin, Burton Hatheway, Burvee Franz III, Christian Castagno, Colin MacKenzie, & Joe Morris

“An Ohm Boy and Key Command Production”

Granelli compositions written by Jerry Granelli and published by Alexis Music / SOCAN
Arranged by Jamie Saft
Cage compositions written by John Cage and published by Henmar Press, Inc.
“Memories of Granelli Clouds” written by Jamie Saft and published by Pain Management (ASCAP)

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