Hamid Drake’s A Tribute to Alice Coltrane, Festival Sons D’Hiver #31

Hamid Drake « A Tribute to Alice Coltrane »  / création 
Hamid Drake, batterie, percussions / Ndoho Ange, danse / Jamie Saft, piano, orgue Hammond / Pasquale Mirra, vibraphone / Joshua Abrams, contrebasse, guembri / Thomas de Pourquery, saxophone / Jan Bang, électronique 

  • 19 February – La Maison des Arts Créteil, Val-de-Marne FR


Jamie Saft Trio Plays The Stone Church (ART Studio Erdman)

Jamie Saft Trio live in person, New Market NH

Jamie Saft, keyboards; Stu Mahan, bass; Gary Gemmiti, drums. Tickets are on sale now for Friday, January 7 at The Stone Church. Find tickets here.

Learn more about the history of this venerable music club here.

ICYMI Watch the new video by Adam Goldberg / listen to Jamie Saft Trio’s rendition of Lotus Blossom here.

Saturday, June 27, 2020 – 6PM EDT • Live in the Soundscape from the Bradford Graves Sculpture Park, Kerhonkson, New York. A concert of new original music featuring Jamie Saft- organs, Steve Swallow- bass, and Bobby Previte- drums; streaming live, moderated by Live Concerts Stream.

LCS has a growing live event schedule. Follow them on Facebook and watch the event here:


Attendees can also comment on Jamie Saft Official’s Facebook and YouTube pages, and donate most easily via the website. Facebook: Jamie Saft Official. YouTube: Jamie Saft Official

Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, and Bobby Previte have released three albums on Rare Noise Records:

The New Standard (2014), Loneliness Road (with Iggy Pop, 2017), You Don’t Know the Life (2019).

Jamie Saft is deeply honored to be mentioned in The New Yorker’s extensive profile of the maestro Iggy Pop.

Read: The Survival of Iggy Pop (The New Yorker, September 2019)

Iggy Pop on Singing Jazz, Turning 70 (Rolling Stone – April 2017)
Rock vet talks adapting to the “quietude” of new piano-trio LP ‘Loneliness Road,’ crooning in French and how he’s keeping busy



Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte (with Iggy Pop)

Loneliness Road

  1. Ten Nights
  2. Little Harbor
  3. Bookmaking
  4. Don’t Lose Yourself (with Iggy Pop)
  5. Henbane
  6. Pinkus
  7. The Barrier
  8. Nainsook
  9. Loneliness Road (with Iggy Pop)
  10. Unclouded Moon
  11. Gates
  12. Everyday (with Iggy Pop)

 RareNoiseRecords, May 26, 2017


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