Swami Lateplate // Jamie Saft & Bobby Previte


SWAMI LATEPLATE, the experimental jazz duo formed by New York performers Bobby Previte on drums and Jamie Saft on piano and bass, will reissue their seminal 2012 album ‘Doom Jazz’ on various vinyl formats and CD this June 25th via Subsound Records.

Watch the duo perform “Malignant Cloud” at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston: https://youtu.be/rr15WnHS6FU

Preorder: subsoundrecords.bandcamp.com/album/doom-jazz

Using doom as a template, Swami Lateplate crafts a set of songs that creeps along powerfully. The themes are simple, generally carried by subdued bass lines and ornamented by the piano like salt on a glacier. Each moment is its own event, each note frozen in amber. An album that will satisfy Saft and Previte’s audiences, as well as fans of the fringes of metal.